The biggest Budapest summer festival

There are many awesome activities and programs during summertime in the hungarian capital which you can choose from. For example the biggest Budapest summer festival “Sziget”. This is a week long party with concerts and creative activites held on one of the islands of the Danube coverd with lush forests and chill grooves. Many of the biggest stars of music rangeing from pop to rock are invited to participate in this festival. There are thousands of people who visit Sziget every day and have from from dawn to the next days dawn. It seems that the programs are endless for a whole week and many people especially younger generations hold the party for all week. But it is also viable for older people because there is an enourmous variaty of stlyes that they can listen to. Sziget is held in August every year so the good wheater is gauranteed just be sure not to get the cold from chilly mornings!

biggest budapest summer festival

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